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Home Renovation Trends For 2015

The Most Sought After Renovation Looks For 2015 Predictions

With 2014 coming to a close and 2015 on it’s way we are looking forward to doing many more amazing renovations in the coming year. In today’s blog post we are going to share our predictions for home renovation looks for the new year.


photo credit: …love Maegan via photopin cc

1. Rustic Yet Modern

Thanks to the popularity of Pinterest and the DIY movement rustic is back in. These days homeowners seem to want to keep the rustic qualities of their homes and their furniture but add a modern twist. This, has created a unique vintage appearance that still has an updated look.


photo credit: coco+kelley via photopin cc

2. Minimalism

Clutter is out and clean and crips interiors are all the rage in home design. For home renovations this means minimal decor, clean crisp colours and plenty of storage space to keep the knick knacks, and space fillers out of site.


photo credit: BellaFauxFinishes via photopin cc

3. Bold Accents

Accents walls, or artistic conversation pieces also continue to be popular. We will likely see a lot of this combined with the minimalism style that we mentioned above.

photo credit: H Dragon via photopin cc

photo credit: H Dragon via photopin cc

4. Industrial

Last, we will likely see a lot of industrial inspired renovations and interior design looks in 2015. The industrial look takes advantage of the mechanical structures and pieces in a home that are traditionally not exposed. Instead of hiding things like the heating ducts, or drywalling over a brick, the design uses these to create a unique look.

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