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How To Make Your Home Look Expensive Without Spending A Lot of Money

A common question we are often asked about renovations is how to make a home look expensive? Homeowners want to know how they can get the most bang for their buck when investing in home renovations. The reason for this is because they are often hoping to “flip” their home and sell it. If this isn’t the case, they may be looking to have their home “appraised” and want to make sure that that it earns a high evaluation.

Although, our expertise in in the area of helping people lover their home again – we can understand why somebody may want to make their home look more expensive. Today, we are sharing some easy tips and add ons that will make your house look rich without spending a lot on your renovation.

1. Hang Your Curtains High

This seems so simple but it works so well. High hanging curtains is something that you will often see in more expensive homes. This is because high curtains make the room appear larger and more extravagant. You can easily emulate this by purchasing long curtains and hanging them above the window rather than at window level.

2. Paint Your Doors

If you want to make your home look fancy and well designed consider purchasing white doors and painting them a bold colour like black. This is something that you will see in only the most upscaled interior designs. The best part is, painted doors does not cost any more than regular doors, you just have to do the work.


3. Put in Crown Mouldings

Crown mouldings are a sure-fire way to make your home renovation look more expensive. These don’t cost too much to install and can really create that sought after wealthy look.

4. Include An Accent Wall

Accent walls also make homes look more luxurious. Choose a bold colour that suits your interior design and contrasts with the rest of your home’s paint. This can really add a “wow” factor to any room in your house.

5. Look For One of A Kind Decor

Last, but certainly not least one of the best ways to make a home look slightly more extravagant is by choosing your interior decor carefully. Instead of going to IKEA for your furniture, head to your local thrift store or go antiquing. Look for one of a kind interior design items and furniture that are in good quality.

If your home renovation budget is small but you have big aspirations for the final look of your home’s interior these tips can help you make your home look more expensive.

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More Ways To Save Money on Your Home Renovation, Home Marriage Counsellor


3 Ways To Save Money on Your Home Renovation By Reno-Ex

Last week on the Reno-ex home marriage counselling blog we discussed some ways to save money on home renovations. In today’s blog post we are going to provide even more money saving tips for homeowners who are hoping to revitalize the look of their home. At Reno-ex we understand that home renovations can be costly. This is why at Reno-ex we do our best to provide budget-friendly solutions for homeowners who use our contracting services.


photo credit: Filippo C via photopin cc

Renovate Over Time

In a perfect world one could wave a magic wand and have their entire home renovated to look brand new. For most people however the cost of renovating is too much to be able to do it all at once. Even if you choose to use a renovating contracting service you can still split your renovation up over time to save money. By scheduling the cost of your renovation out several months you can save money and make progress on your renovation sooner that you would have been able to without have to wait to save up for the entire cost.

photo credit: Filippo C via photopin cc

photo credit: Filippo C via photopin cc

 Do Some of The Work Yourself

Obviously, there are certain aspects of home renovations that are better left up to a contractor. However, if you are hoping to renovate your home on a budget one solution may be to do a bit of the work yourself. Certain aspects of a renovation such as painting, cabinet installation, floor installation etc. can be done by the homeowners with a bit of training. Right now DIY home renovations are all the rage, so why not give it a shot?

Just be careful that you know what you are doing otherwise you could end up spending even MORE money paying someone to correct your mistakes.

photo credit: glennji via photopin cc

photo credit: glennji via photopin cc

Get Creative

Finally if you really want to save money on your next home renovation, you should consider being creative with your design. Instead of buying all new fixtures and re-doing ever aspect of your home consider working what is currently in place and restoring certain elements with upgrades to make them more visually appealing.

It is good news that vintage-modern is currently all the rage in interior design. When it comes to deciding how you want your home to look consider how you can update old pieces to make them look new and sophisticated. If you aren’t certain where to begin the design experts on our home renovation team can assist you with coming up with an appealing new look for your older home.

Why wait to renovate your home? Instead of saving for years you can begin the renovation process today by following these three easy tips and fall back in love with your home. Even if you work with a contractor like Reno-ex you can still take advantage of this money-saving advice.

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Blog By Brandie Peters Hatmusings Creative Writing Services

4 Ways To Save Money on Renovations, Reno-Ex The Home Marriage Counsellors


Save Money on Home Renovations By Following These Four Thrifty Tips

Many first time homebuyers choose their first home because of the renovation potential that they believe it has. However, after several years saving to try and fund their dream renovation they begin to fall out of love with the house that they have purchased.

It isn’t easy to save up for a full renovation if you intend on re-doing your entire home and changing the layout. However, what would you say if we told you that there are a few easy tips that will allow you to begin your renovations right away and love your home for the long haul.

photo credit: mamichan via photopin cc

photo credit: mamichan via photopin cc

1. Work With the Layout That You Have

A renovation budget can very quickly be eaten up by moving walls and changing the layout of your home. If you are hoping to save money on your renovation try working within the limitations of the current layout. Although, an open concept arrangement is what many people hope for. When you are dealing with load bearing walls you have to be wiling to compromise.

photo credit: evilgurl via photopin cc

photo credit: evilgurl via photopin cc

2. Do Your Own Finishing

When buying new cabinetry or wood finishes consider buying unfinished and finishing them yourself. This will help to save you money and allow you to get the exact look that you want!

photo credit: Brian Sawyer via photopin cc

photo credit: Brian Sawyer via photopin cc

3. Restore and Re-use Old Fixtures

It can be tempting to buy all new when you are renovating your home. Wanting to improve everything and update it can really take a bite out of the budget. One way to save money on your renovation and still get an upgraded look is to restore and re-use current fixtures This is especially true when renovating kitchens or bathrooms where the cabinetry can be upgraded with new countertops, a stain refinishing, and new hardware.


4. Shop Garage Sales and Craigslist

Last but not least a great way to save money on your home renovations is to purchase fixtures that can be integrated into your renovation lightly used. Often times homeowners who are also renovating will sell quality items that they are getting rid of at Garage Sales or list them for sale on sites Craigslist and Kijiji. 

Another thing that you should keep your eyes open for is extra flooring, tile or leftover carpet for small spaces. Sometimes people resell these items for cheap when they purchase too much for their own renovation.

If you have been saving up hoping to someday renovate your home but not getting anywhere consider following a few of these tips to start your renovation sooner. This can be a great way to save yourself money and begin your renovation now instead of waiting. The best part is, even if you plan to use a contractor, you can still use all of us these money saving ideas. At least, when you deal with Reno-ex. We will work with you to help satisfy your budget and help you create a home that you love.

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Home Renovation Trends For 2015

The Most Sought After Renovation Looks For 2015 Predictions

With 2014 coming to a close and 2015 on it’s way we are looking forward to doing many more amazing renovations in the coming year. In today’s blog post we are going to share our predictions for home renovation looks for the new year.


photo credit: …love Maegan via photopin cc

1. Rustic Yet Modern

Thanks to the popularity of Pinterest and the DIY movement rustic is back in. These days homeowners seem to want to keep the rustic qualities of their homes and their furniture but add a modern twist. This, has created a unique vintage appearance that still has an updated look.


photo credit: coco+kelley via photopin cc

2. Minimalism

Clutter is out and clean and crips interiors are all the rage in home design. For home renovations this means minimal decor, clean crisp colours and plenty of storage space to keep the knick knacks, and space fillers out of site.


photo credit: BellaFauxFinishes via photopin cc

3. Bold Accents

Accents walls, or artistic conversation pieces also continue to be popular. We will likely see a lot of this combined with the minimalism style that we mentioned above.

photo credit: H Dragon via photopin cc

photo credit: H Dragon via photopin cc

4. Industrial

Last, we will likely see a lot of industrial inspired renovations and interior design looks in 2015. The industrial look takes advantage of the mechanical structures and pieces in a home that are traditionally not exposed. Instead of hiding things like the heating ducts, or drywalling over a brick, the design uses these to create a unique look.

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Home Marriage Counseling, Changes That Can Help You Love Your Home Again


Once upon a time you loved your older house, and no matter what anybody said you would defend it. Now, after several years together you reluctantly are willing to admit that there are a few things that you would like to change.

This is completely understandable. It isn’t uncommon for first time homebuyers to outgrow the affection that they once felt for their older home once they have lived in it for a while. However, before you jump the gun and put a for sale sign up on the front lawn maybe you should consider making a few changes.

Upgrading your older house with an attractive renovation is one way to rekindle your love for it. Some of the most popular renos that home owners choose include knocking down walls to create a more open concept design, the addition of an en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom or the construction of a built in home theatre. These renovations not only can make your home feel more modern they can also add tremendous value to your house if you do choose to sell it.

Open Concept Kitchen and Living Space

It used to be quite common for kitchen and living spaces to be separated by walls like any other room. However in the past forty years modern home design has become more “open concept”. This means that rather that to have the spaces boxed off they are open and flow into one another. This can be nice for entertaining, making spaces look larger, and adding to the aesthetic design of the home.

If you live in an older house where the kitchen and living spaces are closed off, you may want to consider taking down a wall and creating a more open kitchen and dining living space. This is a great way to upgrade a more traditional home and make it a more desirable place to live.

Add An Ensuite Bathroom

One thing that almost every new home has is an en-suite bathroom attached to the master bedroom. Not only is an ensuite bathroom convenient it is also adds to the appeal of the home.If you are looking to upgrade your home and add a high-end touch, consider perhaps a customized en-suite bathroom. This type of renovation can really help to make your home more appealing.

photo credit: gsloan via photopin cc

photo credit: gsloan via photopin cc

Built In Home Theatre

Although, open concept kitchens and living spaces are nice and en-suite bathrooms can be luxurious nothing is more fun than a built-in home theatre. Over the last few years’ custom home theatres have become increasingly more popular as even middle-class homeowners look for a way to make their homes more distinguished.

Home theatres can be built into any basement. You can have surround sound installed directly into your walls and ceiling as well as have regressed lighting and special sound proofing put in to optimize the viewing experience. Of course, no home theatre is complete without a wall mounting unit for the flat screen tv or the installation of a drop down projection screen to complete the theatre atmosphere.

If you have been with your home for some time now, and are not certain as to whether or not the spark is still there- maybe consider making a few changes. Adding something new to your house with a renovation is one way to rekindle your love. At Reno-Ex we are the home marriage counselling pros. We can assist you with you upgrades and renovations with full top to bottom completion of open concept kitchens, new en-suite bathrooms or even a unique home theatre.

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Blog By Brandie Peters Hatmusings Creative Writing Services

In our next blog we will look at some popular home renovation trends for 2015!

What to do When you no Longer Love Your Home?


Do you remember when you first met? Recall how she used to get you excited? You just could not wait to have people over so that you could show her off. To this day do you find yourself reminiscing about those times- maybe you have begun to question whether or not you rushed into things too soon. Now, after a couple of years together you are contemplating moving on- throwing a sign out on the curb that says “for sale” and putting an end to the bad relationship!

Before you do this we urge you to reconsider the things that brought you together to begin with. Maybe it was the location, the fixtures, or the layout- You should think about these things carefully because chances are you may not be able to find them in a different house. Yes, it is true that you may find some new things to love but chances are within a few years you will likely find yourself beginning to feel disenchanted by that home as well.


photo credit: Photo Dean via photopin cc

Maintaining a long-term love affair with your home can be truly tricky. Familiarity and frustration are the two main reasons why people begin to contemplate selling their homes after only a few years. Circumstances change, and the home you bought because it was affordable begins to look like a shack compared to some of the newer homes that you see for sale. This can make it extremely tempting to jump on the bandwagon and buy something fancier in a new developing neighbourhood.

The Alternative to Putting Your Home Up For Sale

You know the expression “the grass always looks greener on the other side”? This is extremely true when you are thinking about trading your old house in for a new one. Remember, every house started out as new at one point and was likely sold at the top of the market. Over the years home values depreciate largely because the interiors and exteriors become outdated. Believe it or not the property value, in a nice neighbourhood, stays relatively the same. For this reason if you invest in renovating your older home then you can actually increase it’s appraised value. This means that after you renovate your house- even if you still aren’t in love with it- you have the option to resell it for even more than you initially paid. What a deal!

When you buy a new home with all of the bells and whistles that does not require any renovating your are buying a house at the top of it’s potential value. This means that unless the demand for housing in that area increases dramatically, your house will actually be worth less as time goes on.

What is the lesson to learn here? While, having a brand new house that has just been finished is nice, there is something to be said about renovating an older home in order to get more value out of your investment. This has become an increasingly popular notion for first time homeowners buying homes in classic communities in Mississauga and surrounding area.

At Reno-Ex we are the experts in providing home reconciliation services. We help homeowners rekindle their love for their older house with full top to bottom renovation services aka. our home marriage couseling. Once the renovations are complete, if you still aren’t feeling the relationship you can always consider your options- knowing you gave it your best shot.

In our next post we will discuss some of your renovation options and look at some popular upgrades that can add value to your older home.

Blog By Brandie Peters Hatmusings Creative Writing Services

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They say home is where the heart is, but if you are not in love with your home anymore then it may be time to make a few changes. Before you throw in the towel and decide that it’s better if you just see other houses, try Reno-eX for your happy home marriage counseling. We can help you fall in love with your house all over again.

We begin each project with an extensive consultation where a member of the Reno-ex team meets with you to discuss your current problems and to construct your wish list of improvements. By carefully looking at the areas that need improvement and considering both the technical construction and design, we will come up with a budget fitting plan to breathe new life into the look of your living space.