What to do When you no Longer Love Your Home?


Do you remember when you first met? Recall how she used to get you excited? You just could not wait to have people over so that you could show her off. To this day do you find yourself reminiscing about those times- maybe you have begun to question whether or not you rushed into things too soon. Now, after a couple of years together you are contemplating moving on- throwing a sign out on the curb that says “for sale” and putting an end to the¬†bad relationship!

Before you do this we urge you to reconsider the things that brought you together to begin with. Maybe it was the location, the fixtures, or the layout- You should think about these things carefully because chances are you may not be able to find them in a different house. Yes, it is true that you may find some new things to love but chances are within a few years you will likely find yourself beginning to feel disenchanted by that home as well.


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Maintaining a long-term love affair with your home can be truly tricky. Familiarity and frustration are the two main reasons why people begin to contemplate selling their homes after only a few years. Circumstances change, and the home you bought because it was affordable begins to look like a shack compared to some of the newer homes that you see for sale. This can make it extremely tempting to jump on the bandwagon and buy something fancier in a new developing neighbourhood.

The Alternative to Putting Your Home Up For Sale

You know the expression “the grass always looks greener on the other side”? This is extremely true when you are thinking about trading your old house in for a new one. Remember, every house started out as new at one point and was likely sold at the top of the market. Over the years home values depreciate largely because the interiors and exteriors become outdated. Believe it or not the property value, in a nice neighbourhood, stays relatively the same. For this reason if you invest in renovating your older home then you can actually increase it’s appraised value. This means that after you renovate your house- even if you still aren’t in love with it- you have the option to resell it for even more than you initially paid. What a deal!

When you buy a new home with all of the bells and whistles that does not require any renovating your are buying a house at the top of it’s potential value. This means that unless the demand for housing in that area increases dramatically, your house will actually be worth less as time goes on.

What is the lesson to learn here? While, having a brand new house that has just been finished is nice, there is something to be said about renovating an older home in order to get more value out of your investment. This has become an increasingly popular notion for first time homeowners buying homes in classic communities in Mississauga and surrounding area.

At Reno-Ex we are the experts in providing home reconciliation services. We help homeowners rekindle their love for their older house with full top to bottom renovation services aka. our home marriage couseling. Once the renovations are complete, if you still aren’t feeling the relationship you can always consider your options- knowing you gave it your best shot.

In our next post we will discuss some of your renovation options and look at some popular upgrades that can add value to your older home.

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